Prayer for letting go

Great Spirit, I surrender! My strong thoughts and willpower release, as does any refusal, stubbornness, and fear. I lay them like rusted weapons at the feet of a peaceful queen.

Declare this war of mine over.

I surrender my pain as if it were stone, sinking in the river of forgiveness. I will be forgiven for wronging myself, for believing I am anything less than a lion, anything less than part of the gods that designed me. I am an accident in this world, a chance encounter of flesh with soul, and also, I am predestined for greatness, so I surrender my hopes and dreams like releasing a thousand butterflies into a field.

I surrender my regrets. They will always be scars on my skin but that does not mean they serve me, and that which does not serve me has no place where I’m going.

Where am I going?

Into the Great Kingdom of Now, into the ever-present moment. I surrender yesterday and tomorrow; they no longer serve me either. I take the teachings of my parents, listen to the wisdom of the trees, and I am music. I am an instrument of vibration, playing the songs of Me. Of this life of mine. And I surrender, in one heavy sigh of relief, all this fear of being less than I am.

I am enough. I am so very much enough. Incredibly enough! Magically enough! I am a miracle of enough.

I surrender anything more, as if a statue chiseled from an enormous solid boulder, where all surrounds me is dusty remnants of the rigid, solid, immovable beast that I was, and now am art, now a message to future generations, now a statement, and now something less than I was and somehow so very, very much more.