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Bio: Welcome to Angelica Music, a blog about music. Send me your ideas, thoughts, music, and stories. Let's build community around music! You might also find other interesting articles posted here, such as, my poems, short stories, and some posts about mental health and wellbeing. About your host: John Powell has been writing about music for a decade, celebrating community, vibration, and story that is music. He ran angelica-music.com for three years, and has contributed to Cider Mag, The Pier, and other publications. He is a musician himself, an author of children's books, an aspiring novelist, and a poet. He is an environmental educator and public speaker, as well as a psychotherapist working with young adults, couples, and families. He loves yoga, his guitars, the beach, and forgiveness.

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One thought on “About

  1. Great reggae reviews.. keep it up. Reggae needs strong writers. May I suggest you review Samory-I for your next post.

    Nice work


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