Album review: Ras Professor “Jah Mi Praise”

Jah Mi Praise

Let’s talk genuine reggae for a moment. Jah Mi Praise, an EP released by Ras Professor out of Florida, is a six-song Rasta meditation, and while the Professor is unknown in the larger reggae world, I want to highlight the fire he breathes. The production of JMP is above par, turning up the bass and bass drum while keeping the rhythms quieter. Beyond that, his voice, a crackling baritone, is reminiscent of some of the dancehall originators.

Now, admittedly, I’m not a huge dancehall fan. “Good Herbs” doesn’t hit me as strikingly as the Nyabinghi style “Job”, but stepping back from my own preferences for a second, Ras Prof does a solid job of restraining intensity often overblown in dancehall. Instead, he hangs back over soft organ and allows his voice to develop melody even in the hammering lyricism.

Press Along” is similar, although the melody is undeniably catchy, and “Slew A Million” also ratchets down. “Can’t take the heat/ get outta the kitchen,” he begins, calling out Babylon with spite and glory. “We are the prevention!” he beckons. Yet “Lightning” and “Job” are my favorite tracks, probably because they have grooves: the former a bass-heavy rock steady remix and the latter, as mentioned, Nyabinghi in roots.

Lyrical content here doesn’t vary from Rasta consciousness, (It’s Job from the Bible, and not job like summer camp, as I first suspected). Even though I listen to all kinds of reggae, I believe that sticking strictly to this form might alienate a potential wider audience, yet Ras Professor’s authenticity is clear from the first musical measure to the last, his talent easily apparent.

If you’re seeking some of the most underground contemporary dancehall/reggae out there, check out Jah Mi Prasie and get a lesson from the Professor.

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