We Are Imperfect

Everyone out there, reading this, reading other things- they all have frustrations about the way they look, they feel, they present themselves to the world. They are all afraid of their imperfections. Even the most celebrated beauties of the world fear something about their looks, their jobs, the way their voice sounds. And too many inspirational people say, “No, we are all beautiful. We are perfect just the way we are.

That’s not true. We aren’t perfect. None of us. We are incredibly flawed. The very act of birth squeezes us into existence and warps our figures from the start, and early on in life, our attitudes, values, and beliefs are nearly solidified and we will be imperfect.

The good news is that we’re all imperfect. That’s something of a level playing field. Now, our spirits are perfect; when we carve away all the added “Us-ness” of being, and we’re just the tiny stars of Spirit, the big bangs that caused us to become us, then those are all perfect, and because they’re perfect they’re all connected. Yes, we are all connected, to each other, to every living and nonliving thing. If we can strip away the life and carbon creations that are us, the memories that affect us, and we tap into the Spirit, then we find ourselves connected to everything.

You know this. You’ve connected with that spirit sometimes, haven’t you? On pretty days with sunshine, and your friends are there. Your belly’s full. There’s music and games, and you feel alive, truly, truly alive. That is Spirit and that is perfect, isn’t it? You may say, “Today is a perfect day.” Well, for a moment you’ve left behind the imperfections of us and tapped into Spirit, where everything is connected and that’s joyous.

What about those people that say, “We’re all unique, like snowflakes”? Well, that’s true, too; we are separated by our imperfections. That’s it. We’re not unique because we’re perfect. Humans actually enjoy imperfections, proven by science. What do we love about our spouses? We actually love their crooked tooth, their bushy eyebrows, how short they are… We’re actually invested in the imperfections. How cool! We always need to be bettering ourselves, to maybe become more perfect, because why not? Why not look great and feel great and speak well and know things? Just because it’s okay to be imperfect doesn’t mean stop growing. Keep on keeping on.

But admit to your imperfections. They’re okay. And some of them people actually like. Some we don’t, and you can work on those.

Why do we then celebrate the perfect? Why do we airbrush people for magazine covers until they have no moles, wrinkles, or blemishes? Because we love perfect. It reminds us of Spirit, but that’s fleeting. We can’t fully embrace a celebrity when they look perfect. It’s an illusion made for us to think about Spirit, but it’s not really possible that way, so we get down on ourselves.

I’m not great at this next tool, but I’m working on it:

Talk positively. Say, “I’m not perfect, but I’m in a great mood!” Write out affirmations and tape them to your mirror. Cover up that reflective surface that often makes you question how you look and feel, and instead have a wall of affirmations: “I can rock the world today.” Then, when you speak that way, you tap into Spirit, and that’s beautiful.

Anyone that’s ever been in love knows this. You look at someone and looking beyond the imperfections of their experiences and see their Spirit, and oh, wow, is it perfect, and when you truly see into someone’s spirit you see the beauty there.

You know early on that someone isn’t perfect. They get grumpy when they have to get up early. They have morning breath. They eat too much cheese. They have one eye bigger than the other, one hand, one nostril, one breast, and one foot bigger than the other. We all do! But we think they’re beautiful anyway because two spirits met and it wasn’t based on the mask of perfect, like when we go out to the bar and pluck and pull and shave and do our best to look flawless, (which again, can feel really good, so do it if you want to for yourself, but don’t try and trick others). No, True Love is based on accessing someone else’s spirit regularly, so if you want to fall in love, practice reading into someone’s spirit and offer up your own. Don’t hide your spirit behind the fog of “I must airbrush my life.” Just feel as good about yourself as possible, speak n affirmations, offer your spirit, and be willing to see that in others.

Finally, accept that we are not perfect. Not a one of us. More than that, we are incredibly flawed. Isn’t that kind of funny?


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