Stop In The Strangest Of Places

Today Ben and I- with the help of the irreplaceable Reina- release “Stop In The Strangest Of Places”, which we have been working on for seven years! It is by far the longest project we’ve ever undertaken.

After we released “See You Soon”, which came out after the year I took off from college, we began work on a series of new tracks. “See You Soon” was an enormous, complex album that took a lot from when Ben, Reina, and our families vacationed in Costa Rica. I was a young 21-year-old; that’ show long ago it was! We decided to not worry about getting the next album out, to spend time editing our work and developing a strong set of tracks. We decided we’d cut as many as we needed to make a tight album, but as we recorded we had a bunch of songs that didn’t really fit together on one album. What to do?

Over time we realized that some of the songs were from our mid-20’s and focused on ideas about travel, about being foolish as we grew into adulthood. These songs about roaming around, (many of which came from my ambling around the U.S. and WOOFING in California), would turn into “From Here To There”.

The other songs we were writing seemed to focus on deepening our roots, about Vermont, about family, and about stopping, slowing down, and contemplation. These songs would turn into “Stop In The Strangest Of Places”. As you listen to SITSOP, see if you can hear musical and lyrical themes about checking in with yourself, with the complexity of interpersonal relationships, and see if you can follow us through our story.

This long, long journey is totally worth it. We now have three albums that cover our 20’s- a decade of learning. You can hear how our musical tastes have grown and changed since “See You Soon” until SITSOP.

We have some wild ideas for our next project. Hopefully, it won’t take another 7 years! I’ll keep you posted. You can find all three albums at


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