The greatest love does not ask
for returns; it has capacity for endless giving.
To aid your love with every task,
becomes the gift of such a way of living.

You pick flowers she’ll love, not because
she’ll love them, but to brighten the table,

and when she sees them and loves
them, then that’s just the extra you’re able
to give the home. Or, perhaps

an afternoon apple picking and then dancing,
does not happen to be a trap,
to snatch her heart in sweeter romancing,
but only because you both like
apples, and you both like to dance.

Or when you fix up your bikes,
and go riding out, despite the chance
of rain, and get soggy and soaked.

You come home and laugh about
it over coffee. No agenda cloaked.
Nothing you’re trying to get out
of the date. That’s the joy of getting

to that place, where lovers can be
themselves, the other one letting
their lover Be, and that’s the harmony
of the Greatest Love. So allow
yourself to get beyond the coy,
beyond the looks. Stop being shallow,

and deepen the moments, find the joy
in errands, in leftovers.
Give yourself the afternoon to read.

Become better lovers
when you kiss out of Want instead of Need.
The Greatest Love is not fiction.

I’ve seen it last; it’s the only kind that does.
Learn to smooth through any friction,
and find the peace of love.

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